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We hope you enjoyed our festival!

The Brinks is all about trying something new, and so following two weeks of MUSIC, DRAMA, DANCE, FILM, PHOTOGRAPHY, LITERATURE AND VISUAL ARTS - we hope you found the time to attend one of our events and if possible got the opportunity to try something new! 

Octavia Hill Birthplace House would like to thank Tin Fish Creative, our main sponsor, who's dedicated support both professional and financial, enable us to deliver high quality events at very affordable ticket prices with some events being completely free. 

We do welcome any feedback that may support us in delivering an event better festival next year, and in particular we like to hear your thoughts on how to spread the word, ensuring everyone is aware of what's on and where.
We hope to see you enjoying our events next year - so tell us what you'd like to see, and don’t forget to sign up to our e-newsletter to get the breaking news on the next festival.

The Brinks Festival team



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